Half-Elf Bard




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Thessalia is a female half-elf Bard who has, until recently, been adventuring alone. She sings for pleasure, mostly, but it also makes her money too, and that helps her get along. Sometimes her singing does weird things to people, depending on what race she’s singing to or the way she sings, it can either adversely or positively influence them in physical ways. Her father Thess was an elf and mother Ayanna was human. She was gifted with her talent since she was young but was cast out of her human community because her particular community couldn’t understand her ethereal elvish tunes, but also because of the weird, differing effects of her voice on people. She found a new home inside a haunted castle. So because she’s been traveling alone for such a long time, she’s learned to be pretty tough and knows how to handle herself. But she does have a good sense of sarcastic humor. She recently had a tryst with the Emperor’s daughter, Melisande. She has been on the run from Imperial authorities since


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