Shadows of Eldolan

Shadows of Elodan
A Beginning

The Emperor and his allies, in all of their power and splendor, have managed to keep secure and peaceful the Seven cities and all the great and minor realms of the Dragon Empire for countless decade, after decade, after decade. But mysterious and threatening shadows lurk from within, and the ever-growing and ever-present threat of enemies from afar threaten the stability and ongoing prosperity of all those under the Empire’s reach.

The Dragon Empire of the 13th Age was a time of change, of danger, and of chaos. It was not a place and an era without peace and prosperity, but there were many forces working against the Empire. The first Orc Lord in many Ages was prowling the edges of civilization looking for a way in, with unusual new allies and magics at his disposal. The Diabolist was bringing the Blood War to the world, despite the work of the Great Gold Wyrm and even the tainted efforts of the Crusader. Even defenders of the Empire such as the Archmage or the Priestess found a growing corruption within their domains that they, at times, struggled to rid themselves of. There were many dangers, both mundane and magical, faced by the people of the world. Not just the Empire, but all peoples near and far.


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